Canadian Futsal Championship Special! Ian Bennett

In honour of the first Caunnamedrnadian Futsal Championship, taking place October 10th and 11th in Montreal, Some Soccer Playing Canadians spoke with Ian Bennett of the Milwaukee Wave via email. Bennett has been with the Wave, one of the most popular indoor teams in history, since 2009 and has two two MISL championships with them and was named an All-Star during the 2013-14 Major Indoor Soccer League season during which he lead the league in 2 point goals. Prior to the Wave, Bennett played with the Charleston Battery, Richmond Kickers and Hamilton Thunder prior to making the move to the indoor game with the Chicago Storm of the Extreme Soccer League in 2008. He’s also represented Canada at the 2012 CONCACAF Futsal Championship.

SSPC: To start can you provide a quick rundown of what arena soccer differ from traditional soccer?

IB: Well to start there are less number on the field it’s 6v6 including keepers. There are four 15minute quarters with three timeouts. It is very fast pace with a lot intensity. There are blue, yellow and red cards. The game is really a mix of basketball, hockey and soccer all mixed into one.

SSPC: When you made the jump from the USL to the XSL what did you find hardest about adjusting from playing in a field to playing in an arena?

IB: I found two things that were hard, adjusting to the speed of play and a lot of time on the ball, you have to make decisions quicker.

SSPC: Last season, Milwaukee Wave joined the Major Arena Soccer League, its forth league change in under a decade. Does the stability of the the league system for arena soccgr3rer ever worry you?

IB: It gets a little crazy and I use to worry but the league (MASL) looks very good now and heading in a great direction.

SSPC: Currently there is not a MASL team in Canada. Do you hope to see a club up here in the near future?

IB: I would love to see a team from Canada play in the league. There are some Canadian players that play in the league already and would be great to play in Canada!

SSPC: You’ve represented Canada internationally in both futsal and beach soccer. Care to tell the readers and myself about about your experiences?

IB: It was always my dream to represent Canada in anything but it is always an honor to get a call to play soccer for your country. The experiences have been priceless and I’ve been to some great places. It’s always great to hear my teammates talk French, I miss hearing it and I really need to brush up on my French though.

SSPC: What’s life like for an arena soccer player?

IB: Life as arena soccer player is pretty cool, I feel so blessed in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Wave is popular team just like the Bucks, Packers and Brewers. The Wave does a lot in the community and loves to work with kids

SSPC: Would you ever consider returning to the field game?

IB: I would love to play outdoor soccer again but I’m starting to get old, I have two or three more good years of soccer in me.

You can follow Ian on twitter at @IanBennett26 and on instagram at @ianbennett26. You can also catch Milwaukee Wave and all Major Arena Soccer League games on Go Live Sports Cast.


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    1. I’ve emailed Ian to clear this up for us. This team never came up in any of my research. EDIT: That team still appears to be up in the air so Ian is unsure of it.


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