Jamar Dixon

Jamar Dixon is a 26 year old midfielder currjamar-profileently playing in Veikkausliiga with FF Jaro. A product of St. Francis Xavier and the Victoria Higlanders, Dixon has been working his way up the ladder since 2013 when he joined BW 90 IF in Sweden’s fourth division and is now earning regular minutes in Finland’s top flight. This season he’s appeared a total of 24 times with Jaro, in Veikkausliiga and cup play, and found the back of the net twice. We caught up with him on Skype, prior to his game against KTP, to talk about his development, Finland, the MLS and the possible Canadian league.

SSPC: I wanna make sure I have your time line correct. You’re a product of St. Francis Xavier’s men’s program, first pro experience was in Sweden’s 4th tier followed by finland’s 3rd. Correct?

Jamar Dixon: Yes that’s correct I had to take a different route after Sweden because my club was causing contract issues for me. I was on trials with Orebro in the Swedish Allsvenkan top flight but due to contract issues my agents and I decided to make the move to Finland because I was getting offers plus I need to get away and start fresh.

SSPC: Did you find playing at St. Francis Xavier and training with Victoria prepared you for pro play in Europe or did the lower levels give you a better idea of what to expect?

JD: STFX was a great experience and it did push me further. From STFX I went to Victoria dixon_jamar00.html_eydl0Highlanders and that was amazing. That club was run so professionally. I admired everything about that club. That club really pushed me and showed me a clear vision that I could make it at a professional level in Europe.

SSPC: How’s Finland’s top flight? Was it solely the job offer that brought you to it?

JD: Finland top flight is good league. Lots of talented players. And no it wasn’t just a job offer. I wanted to further my career and this was a great opportunity.

SSPC: Have any interest from MLS?

11418997_1450719735245904_1052296872_nJD: Nothing concrete but anything c an happen in football. I leave that stuff to my agents. I would love to get a chance to play in the MLS it’s great league and it’s growing every year.

SSPC: Just curious, there’s been a lot of talk about a possible launch of a Canadian league in 2017. Have you heard anything about it and is it something that would interest you or would you prefer to stay with a more established league?

JD: I haven’t heard nothing about that but that would be excellent for Canadian football. And I don’t know if I want to come back now I still want to push for higher levels in Europe because I know what I need to do out here and I just need to stay focus and positive.

SSPC: Any national team interest?

JD: I’ve been in contact but nothing concrete. I would love to get chance to play for the national team but I need to focus on club football then all that will come into play. It’s in Gods hands.

SSPC: How is Finland (life-style wise)? A big shift from Canada?

JD: No it’s great. It’s similar to Canada in many ways. Lots of beautiful nature and stuff like that. The only difficult thing is the language but everyone speaks or tries to speak English so it’s all good.

SSPC: Ever talk with the other Canadians playing over there?index4

JD: Yeah I have my good friend Andrew Gray out here as well he plays for FC Haka.

SSPC: So what’s next for you? Planning any big moves in the off season?

JD: Hahaha only time will tell my friend, I’m going to stay humble and continue to work hard. Anything is possible after that.

You can follow Jamar on Instagram at @jamar.dixon


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